We’re all accustomed to thinking that we have to put something into our body (like vitamins) to improve our health. While proper nutrition, water, and exercise are a necessary part of any healthy lifestyle, our bodies also require a continuous flow of energy that IceWave can provide.




Take a look at the actual before and after pictures below and notice how the reduction of “hot spots” is clearly evident. This local thermal effect means that excess heat is reduced to an injured area. What follows is reduced pain, reduced soreness, and restoration of range of motion to the specific injured site.



LifeWave IceWave

The top two infrared photos show areas of inflammation in the neck, shoulders and lower back. Within 5 minutes of applying the LifeWave pain relief patches a dramatic reduction in temperature and inflammation may be noted. These photos were taken as part of a research study. The overall results were that 34 out of 36 people responded as above to the LifeWave IceWave patches.

15 Tan Patches & 15 White Patches (15 Servings)

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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