PhytoZon-American Dream


PhytoZon is a one-of-a-kind product that utilizes ancient secrets from the Amazon Rain Forest to produce this Exclusive Proprietary Synergistic blend of Nine proven ingredients.

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In a published, peer-reviewed clinical study, 90% of the subjects taking just one of the patented ingredients had significant improvement in both joint mobility and flexibility, as compared to placebo.

In a study with Case Western Reserve University using human cartilage explants, another extract, was shown to increase the cells production of IGF-1, a natural growth factor responsible for rebuilding and repairing cartilage.

In a subsequent, product specific, peer-reviewed, published positive-controlled clinical trial, 93% of participants taking 2 of PhytoZon’s ingredients experienced significant improvement in overall joint health, as measured by their physicians, and many within seven days.

One of the patented ingredients is the only natural supplement for joint health and mobility with research supported in part from two US National Institutes of Health: The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Disease and The National Institute of Aging.

PhytoZon has been developed to help: Increase Energy, help increase resistance to fatigue, stress, tension, promote libido, sexual drive & function, give mental clarity, facilitate weight loss, assist in pain management, stimulate the immune system, retard the aging process and is an Adaptogen. Adaptogens are natural compounds that possess miraculous cell regeneration and nutritional benefits. An Adaptogen can stimulate key beneficial effects in the human body on a broad range of metabolic and immunologic functions. They have the ability to enter a cell and essentially take over a function that is lacking or in some way abnormal. The most noteworthy qualities of such Adaptogens are their ability to enter and create healing environments in a nonselective variety of cell types. Once committed to a cell type, the Adaptogen will evolve its properties to mimic that cell and it will then take on the job of repair within damaged areas. Results are consistent with an increased resistance to physical or biological stressors. Adaptogens have been clinically proven to possess a normalizing influence on the body without disturbing normal body functions. The results of this science are not only proven by scientific research, but verified through consumer feedback.

  •  Immediate Brain/Body Balance – Mental Clarity, Focus and Recall – Mental Congnition and Concentration
  • Energy, Vitality, Well Being
  • Helps with Inflammation, Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and the Pain associated with them
  • Joint Health, Flexibility, Endurance
  • Heart Health
  • Enhance DNA repair on a cellular level
  • Great Source of Adaptogens

60 capsules (30 Servings)


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