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Scientific studies show that ubiquinol absorbs up to 8 times greater than ubiquinone, and higher levels of ubiquinol remain in the blood far longer than ubiquinone. In studies measuring exercise-induced fatigue, ubiquinol was 90% more effective than ubiquinone. In middle-aged mice, ubiquinol was shown to be 40% more effective in slowing measurements of aging compared to ubiquinone. Life Extension offers the highly bioavailable Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 form in a patented delivery system with a superior absorption level.

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Super Ubiquinol CoQ10

Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 helps out the mitochondria in the cells, which are the cells’ energy powerhouses. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an essential component of healthy mitochondrial function. CoQ10 is required to convert the energy from fats and sugars into usable cellular energy. Yet, the body’s production of CoQ10 declines significantly with advancing age. With an ample amount of CoQ10, mitochondria can work most efficiently throughout the entire body — including the most densely populated area, the heart. CoQ10 is also a potent antioxidant, helping protect proteins, and DNA of mitochondria from oxidation and supporting mitochondrial function.

CoQ10 is notoriously difficult to absorb. When it comes to choosing a CoQ10 supplement, Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 is the best for absorbing the most you can from the supplement you take. The primary factor to consider when purchasing Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 is how many swallowed milligrams actually make it into your bloodstream.

Servings size: 1 softgel

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